Echo Arts Living Arts Centre is a non-profit organization working within the international network of Performance, Somatics and New Dance. The Centre promotes the application and communication of dance in Cyprus as a contemporary performance art-form and focuses on dance as an interactive art form within the borderlines of the other performance arts such as theatre, music, visual arts, and writing for performance

Programmes and activities of Echo Arts


  • 2019 "Sketching a Dance / The World of Cyprus with women" a collaboration between Echo Arts / Arianna Economou, Amalgamation Choir & Friends of Vasiliki Anastasiou, and composer Andreas Papapetrou within the framework of “Terpsichore” Dance Research Programme of the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture.
  • 2018 “Home as a Journey” Solo dance - Site related- performances with Bernadette Divilly (dramaturgue) that took place at Kaimakli, Dance House Lefkosia, Castelliotissa (3rd – 17th October)
  • 2017 TRAILS OF MEMORIES - Terrpsichore 2017 / Rituals in Time & Space – Site Specific / Solo Performance “Crevices of the Mind“ / Pafos 2017
    SITES EMBODIED / Dig Myself a Home / Pafos 2017
  • 2016 - 2017 "A far off land/ images in self biography" - a bicommunal intergenerational project that took place at the Home for Cooperation June 2016
  • 2017 The Audio - Visual Installation of this project FAR OFF LANDS was shown at the Municipal Gallery of Pafos for the opening ceremony of the Pafos 2017 part of the opening ceremony (28th – Feb 23rd, 20th March)
  • 2015 "Les Fetes de Paphos" - a dance performance / baroque opera was presented at the Dancehouse Lefkosia in JUNE 3rd-7th at the Dancehouse Lefkosia
  • 2014 "Riverscapes/Body Maps - City Maps"
  • 2014 "Riverrun" based on "Finnegans Wake" James Joyce and his daughter Lucia Joyce, Dancehouse Lefkosia, April 2014
  • 2013 Sixteen Dances by John Cage was performed at the 5th International Music Festival organized by Pharos Arts Foundation at the Shoe Factory (2013) & at the Parallel Events of No_ Body Festival in 2014 &at the Fringe Festival at the Buffer zone
  • 2012 Riverscape(s): City Maps Body Maps Terpsichore funded project. A dance research project.
  • 2011 Collateral Damage Solo Performance dedicated to the memory of missing people and their families. Directed by Dorinda Hulton and Arianna Economou.
  • 2010 Antigone project Research project with Dorinda Hulton
  • 2009 Why Not Let Me Vanish Out Of Your Sight? CY Dance Platform, directed and choreographed by Arianna Economou, concept by Pandelis Georgiou.
  • 2008 If Not For You CY Dance Platform. An interdisciplinary dance performance, written by Pandelis Georgiou, directed and choreographed by Arianna Economou.
  • 2007 The Still Small Voice of the People presented at "New Plays for Europe" in Wiesbaden, Germany, organised by the Theatre Organisation of Cyprus (THOC)
  • 2006 Urban Bodies II – Moving Spaces 7th – 15th of April The second yearly educational video dance program in collaboration with VideoDance Festival Greece, and Rachel Davies film maker ( UK) with screenings for the wider public and workshop addressed to a group of choreographers, dancers, visual artist, performance artists musicians, theatre with a screening of the Cyprus video films produced during the workshop on the 15rh of April in Nicosia, under the title” Moving Spaces”.
  • 2006 premiere of “endlessness” a solo performance piece directed and choreographed by Arianna Economou inspired by Becket’s “ Lessness”, world premiered on the 12th of March at the 6th Dance Platform, Cyprus.
  • 2006 One Square Foot :The still small voice of the people- A composition in seven movements” ( 26 Aug – 2 5th Sept 2005 ) Echo Arts production. An interdisciplinary and inter communal performance, the work of 7 artists from different performance disciplines =- 2 from UK and 5 from both sides of the divide.
  • 2005 Echo in Conversation: Sharing the Dance A programme that invites internationally acclaimed dance artists in an open dialogue performance with Arianna Economou, through movement stories and a dance dialogue, that is an open process to the audience and that wants to share with them thoughts and reflections both personally and artistically, opening the process of making work and their influences historically , socio culturally artistically and the intentions and aspirations of the person – artist in life and the dance.
  • 2005,Urban Bodies- Physical Cinema a Video Dance programme in collaboration with The International VideoDance Film Festival” a Programme with seminars and workshops, for dancers choreographers musicians, actors visual artists, where 12 short films were made on the theme of the URBAN BODY in Nicosia as a divided city with director and film maker Lutz Gregor.
  • 2004 ( 1 – 21st of October ) Shared Echoes II –Creation Myths) a bicommunal workshop on theatre music and writing for performance that led into a devised theatre piece directed by Hein Haun ( Germany) and Arianna Economou ( Cyprus) , with performances all over Cyprus in towns on both sides of the divide.
  • 2004 February 24th – 7th March The 1st Inter/communal performance collaborative event Shared Echoes I with Joshua Bisset , Edward Schocker USA Alexandra Waierstall and Horst Weierstall ( Cypurs).
  • 2003 May – Aug : “One square foot “A research program on the interdisciplinary training of the actor directed with Dorinda Hulton co director Arianna Economou, in collaboration with Theatre Alibi and Exeter University and exchange program between Cyprus and UK.
  • 1997-2000-The first Mediterranean Dance and Disability Program Extended Mobilit a dance program in the community bringing able and disabled together through the dance form of CONTACT IMPROVISATION in collaboration with Steve Paxton and Dance Ability (USA).
  • 1990 6th European Contact Conference and First New Dance Festival Cyprus
  • 1987-2001-Echo Exchange a program of Drama Dance, mythmaking and Street Theatre including Mask- making as a socio-cultural activity, in collaboration with Hein Haun, Germany for teachers and pedagogues in schools (1987-2001).