Kartses/Pins is a dance performance, a homage to Chr Savva, inspired by 3 of his works: Circles & Squares (1967-68), Sphere (1968) and Rising Form (1967-68). Upon observing
the work by Chr. Savva, the fluidity, the play of light and movement within the thickly inhabited canvas of pins. Performed at the State Gallery of Contemporary Art / SPEL 24th of June - 27th of June 2020

Christoforos Savva b. 1924 in Marathovounos village, Cyprus stepped into the art world after his military contribution during the second World War. It was in 1947 when he arrived in post war London and began his education in art, mainly at Heatherley School of Fine Art.
He continued in Paris with an even greater interest at the atelier Andre Lhote. After several visits and exhibitions in Cyprus, he settled in Nicosia 1959. His sudden death in 1968 followed a few weeks after the opening of his last exhibition at the 1st Cyprus Pavilion in Venice. His study with pins became his very last explorations in style and material.



The 1967-68 1works “Rising Form”, “Circles and Squares” and “Sphere” are works using Pins inserted across stretched canvas on Styrofoam, They belong to the a series of 14 works by Chr. Savva , presented first at the Goethe Institute retrospective and then at the 34th Venice Biennial in 1968. The pins mark a new phase in Savva’s endless search for new forms, colour and techniques.