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Arianna Economou Biographical Note

Arianna Economou is a dance artist and dance- activist in the community, a pioneer giving Cyprus dance a place within the European contemporary arts since 1981.

Studied Dance and Theatre Studies in UK at places such as “ Ballet Rambert School of dance” the London School of Contemporary Dance, Dartington College of Arts and Dance and Drama in Education at Exeter University UK. Added studies in 1997- 2000 in Body Mind Centering with Vera Orlock and a course on Developmental Movement in Berkeley California in USA.

Arianna Economou since her return to Cyprus in 1981 has been instrumental in bringing to Cyprus world acclaimed performance artists in improvisation and performance organizing workshops and performing with them Artists like Steve Paxton, Mary Fulkerson, Jeremy Nelson, Julyen Hamilton, Alito Alessi, Karen Nelson, and video –dance artists like Lutz Gregor, Miranda Pennel, David Hinton.

Arianna Economou is director of Echo Arts Living Arts Center. Since 1996 the home and frame for her own choreographic research and interactive artistic work in collaboration with dancers, visual artists, dramaturgues, theatre – directors from Cyprus and Abroad.

Since 2004 Arianna Economou has been very involved via various dance organizations and associations in Cyprus toward a better infra structure for dance development in Cyprus: Founding member and the first president of the “Nea Kinisi New Movement for Dance Groups Dancers and Choreographers, Cyrprus”.
Director of “Dance- Gate Lefksosia Cyprus” an affiliated organization member of the European Dancehouse Network EDN now partner of MODUL DANCE an EU funded project directed by EDN. Dance Gate since 2009 runs the “No_Body” Dance and Performance Arts festival a yearly dance festival in Nicosia and In June 2011 she organized the “Dance/ Body at the Crossroads of Cultures” modul dance conference.
Dance Gate Lefkosia Cyprus is now one of the founding member oraganizations of the Dancehouse Lefkosia and Arianna Economou is it’s the first president of the Governing Board of the L- DH Dancehouse Lefkosia a newly founded organization sponsored by the Ministry of Education and Culture and Municipality of Nicosia.

Arianna Economou’s own solo and group works vary from text and narrative as the “ site” or pure movement research all marked with a running theme of identity & topos toward transformation.
Since 2003 Arianna Economou has been collaborating with Dorinda Hulton, Horst Weierstall and Peter Hulton on Performance Training in Conflict Zones, and Cross Border research Projects initiated in Nicosia the last divided capital in Europe to explore a framework for a new aesthetic for creating performances in a Conflict Zone.

In 2004 she directed two bicommunal projects “ Shared Echoes I & II “ funded by the UNCHR , and the American Embassy in Nicosia, with guest artists Edward Schocker and Joshua Bisset and Hein Haun theatre director from Cologne Germany.

Recently Arianna Economou has been collaborating with writer / dramaturge Pantelis Georghiou presenting works at the Cyprus Dance Platform and Summer Dance Festivals. And the recent project Cartography : Body Maps/ City maps including exploring the theme of transformation in Conflict Zone, consisting of works presented in October 2012 at Melina Mercouri Hall in Nicosia, the result of two preceeding works: “ Riverscapes: Body Maps- City Maps” October 2012 at Melina Mercouri Hall , Nicosia, “ Layers/ Scapes / Passages” a site specific research project and performance at the 9th Summer Dance Festival in Limassol in July 2012. And “No_ Land” performed at the Cyprus Dance Platform in March 2012.

Arianna Economou in 2005 has been awarded the “Tefkros Anthias and Theodosis Pierides Cultural Award”) & and The Melina Mercouri prize from the Cyprus Theatre Organization


Arianna Economou’s work as a teacher and choreographer and dancer evolves around the axis of “ Somatics” training such as Ideokinesis, Release Work and Experiential Anatomy. Her approach is toward “Experiencing theBody” to create balance between body mind and soul.
Another accent of the teaching is the study of Improvisation and Compositional approach toward Improvisation, where dance / movement is the tool toward the creative self.

Arianna’s teaching method is eclectic based on her own experience in
a) the original Release Work (coming from the somatic trainings through Ideokinesis from teachers like Mary Fulkerson , NancyTopf, Marcia Palludin, John Rolland)
b)Contact Improvisation ,authentic, her training with Steve Paxton
c) Authentic Movement and Body Mind Centering with teachers like Vera Orlock
And working with improvisational structures teaching improvisation as the way toward Presence( Barbara Diley, Steve Paxton, Lisa Nelson, Katie Duck, Theatre Improvisation techniques, Performance Training etc).


  • to create balance between the body, mind, and soul;
  • to revisit and revitalize the image of your Self;
  • to activate the processes involved in creating and accepting change within your Self;
  • to build self esteem and self acceptance;
  • to increase body awareness;
  • to strengthen your ability to realistically perceive yourself and others.