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Shared Echoes II 'The Creation of Our World'

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A Project Sponsored by UNOPS Special Initiative Grant and the Cultural Services Ministry of Education and Culture, organized by Echo Arts Living Arts Centre, facilitated by EMAA.

A ten-day theatre and movement workshop followed by performances on the theme "The Creation of Our World" taking place between 1 – 17 October 2004, organised by Echo Arts Living Arts Center- Arianna Economou, and facilitated by EMAA the European Mediterranean Artists" Association of Nilgun Guney. The workshop will be led by Hein Haun - Cologne Germany, an invited expert on Theatre as a socio cultural process, working in collaboration with movement-theatre artist Arianna Economou and it will culminate in 4 or more performances covering both sides of the dividing line.


B.1. Echo Arts, a non-profit organization, plays a leading role in the organization and production of contemporary interdisciplinary performances, seminars, workshops both in the field of the arts and cultural life of Cyprus and also in the educational and special needs sector. The original Shared Echoes project in February/March 2004 brought together a group of 100 people from both sides who are now the nucleus for future work. A core group of 24 people have been trained in the performance skills as well as an additional 25 people in instrument building and music making, with the aim of reaching an audience of 2000 people around the island.

B.2. EMAA The European Mediterranean Artists" Association directed by Nilgun Guney has been our collaborator and facilitator so far in implementing the project on the north side of the dividing line.

B.3.The first project 24 February – 7 March 2004 was the first time artists from both communities in Cyprus and from the fields of visual arts, movement, performance, and music came together to form a workshop and created a collaborative interactive performance. The outcome of the first performance created a conviction of the important role the arts can play towards creating communities of interest and toward unification and peace.


i] To continue to foster the development of an intercommunal interdisciplinary community in the performance arts. ii] To promote the exchange of ideas, dialogue and the development of interpersonal relationships both between the working group of participants and within the wider community and audiences across Cyprus. iii] To bring to Cyprus an international expert Hein Haun who will expose Cypriots to modern thought and theory in the field of interdisciplinary performance.


Already an intercommunal core group of people of this island is meeting and working within the performance field of Shared Echoes. As the group evolves and interacts with other people, gaining momentum through new participants via the forthcoming workshop/performance project, our intention is to reach a further audience of 2,000 people around the island, continuing to spread its influence. The work done is voluntary.

Workshop Description
The workshop will occur at Castelliotissa [south Nicosia] due to the quality of space and its accessibility to the Paphos Gate crossing point. The workshop will provide a supportive safe environment for participants to explore their personal histories and relationships and work toward an intercommunal worldview.

The workshop experience will establish the thematical framework through many creative processes for the performances that will follow. Through the course of the workshop, participants will also acquire performance skills such as improvisation, movement work, performance presence, writing for performance, myth making, composing music, creating playlets/small drama scenes in groups.

Director's Objectives
Hein Haun"s description summary:
"There are tellings as well as scientific attempts to describe and explain the creation of the world in its total and cosmic dimension. We know about “the first seven days” in the Genesis, we know a lot of myths from all peoples and all countries, we know the theory of the big bang… - And there is a meaning of “creating the world” on an individual level, which means the challenge for each human being to create its own world in relation to all other beings. This perspective calls for life-art and “self-awareness” as well as for mindfulness and responsibility. In the suggested project we want to work on both aspects. Due to the first perspective we have to search for and to study different versions in world-literature and sciences, select the most original, funny or beautiful ones in order to work them out in dramatic scenes. For instance: “the big bang” on stage longs for a specific music, the creation of night and day might be realized in huge shadow-theatre… - The second perspective is more based on self reflection and self experience, but nevertheless in a creative way of working: day-dreams and imagination, meditation in movement, spontaneous writing and painting, improvising and composing music, verbal exchange and discussion… In both regards we come to the essential questions: what is our view of life and of world, what is the core and the meaning of life - and what are our essentials that we expect from life and what can we do to make them come true? On our “eighth day of creation” we have to build our world according to our aims of personal growth in social interdependence – on this earth, between its continents and peoples, on the whole Cypriot island, between the members of the group… The project will integrate different arts as theatre, music, movement/ dance, painting etc. Our work has some austerity, but will deal with a lot of fun also. For people joining the weekends only it will be a reduced programme, those working all ten days can step into the process much deeper.

Hein Haun, born 1950, theatre artist and paedagogue BuT, for more than 20 years has been a leader in socio-cultural and theatre projects, school-theatre and adult education; focal points of his work are the combination of different arts like theatre, music, literature, movement (interdisciplinary approach) and especially working with mask theatre and puppetry and on myths as a screen of human reflection.

Arianna Economou is an interactive artist, solo performer/theatre maker, pioneer in the field of contemporary dance in Cyprus, involved in improvisation, new choreographic forms and movement as a path toward body/mind integration. She is the founder and director of Echo Arts Living Arts Center and the New Movement of Choreographers and Dance Groups of Cyprus. For the past 20 years Arianna has been working as an artist, educator, organizer and producer. Through working with an international body of research she serves as a catalyst towards the development of interdisciplinary performance and the application of the arts into our lives.

The workshop will culminate in 5 performances as follows:

  • 10 October 2004 8:30pm Nicosia-Castelliotissa
  • 11 October 2004 8:30pm Nicosia-Theatro Ena
  • 15 October 2004 8:30pm Limassol-Technochoros
  • 16 October 2004 8:30pm Kyreneia-Bellapais Abbey
  • 17 October 2004 8:30pm Famagusta-Othello's Castle
Workshop Schedule
The workshop will occur at Castelliotissa, a wonderful medieval hall, with a wooden floor, very near the Paphos Gate and the crossing point at Ledra Palace.
Date Time Venue
1 October Friday 17.00 - 22.00 Castelliotisa
2 & 3 Saturday/Sunday 17.00 - 22.00 Castelliotisa
Weekend 09.00 - 18.00 [break 1-2] Castelliotisa
4 Monday 17.00 - 22.00 Castelliotisa
5 Tuesday 17.00 - 22.00 Castelliotisa
6 Wednesday 17.00 - 22.00 Castelliotisa
7 Thursday 17.00 - 22.00 Castelliotisa
8 Friday 17.00 - 22.00 Castelliotisa
9 Saturday 09.00 - 17.00 19.00 - 22.00 run thru Castelliotisa
10 Sunday 09.00 - 17.00 18.00 - 19.30 run thru 20.00 - Performance Castelliotisa