"From Improvisation to Composition" is a workshop/research project/presentation of Echo Arts in collaboration with the School of Performance and Cultural Industries (University of Leeds) and Dance Gate Dancehouse (Lefkosia). This took place from 26 March - 31 March 2009 and involved an international selection of dancers, choreographers, actors, physical theatre performers, directors and composers.


The project explored how the improvisational process can be honed into a 'finished' productand how can different disciplines inform and enhance this as a process of movement composition. In specific, it addressed the following research questions:

  • What languages and strategies do we use in improvisational practices within the different discipines?
  • Does this mapping and refining of improvisational practices elp us to understand the process of composition?
  • Can knowledge that is developed in relation to improvisational practices be transferred from one discipline to another in a collaborative environment?
  • How do we map musical improvisational techniques onto the creative process of a composition?

We have experimented with new methods of approaching improvisation and tried to establish strategies in dealing with the non-homogenous and multi-disciplinary nature of our own working practices.



Director/Composer: Dr George Rodosthenous

Choreographer/Dancer: Arianna Economou, Riccardo Meneghini

Composer: Dr Demetris Zavros

Participants: Ben Ingles, Thomas Colley, Leo Town, Ashley Scott Layton, Pascal Caron, Paolina Stoyanova, Juta Papapetrou, Christina Patsali, Natalie Heller, Mirto Kougiali, Madeline Blount


The performance lasted for 30 mins and was followed by a discussion forum.