Collateral Damage 2012 - The Silence of Eurydice

A Triptych

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Dedicated to the missing persons of Cyprus and their families.

Tuesday 10 of July 2012 8.30 pm

House of Cooperation, Green Line (opposite Ledra Palace).

Free Entrace, Registration only / limited number of seats,
Call at 22 777 046 / 97 77 22 64


The project is indebted to the United Nations Committee on Missing Persons, Cyprus; Father Paraskevas, Director of the Office of the Bishop of Kykkos and Tilyrias; Usten Imsel, Director of Funeral Services in the Turkish Municipality of Nicosia and many other persons who have helped us with their support, encouragement and knowledge way beyond the call of duty. In particular the research has been enriched and informed by the relatives of missing persons who have consented to meet with the artists and share their experiences with such dignity and humanity.


Collateral Damage focuses on the minor character of Eurydice who appears at the end of Sophocles’ Antigone and is unable to speak on hearing news of the death of her son. It explores what might lie behind Eurydice’s silence within a contemporary context.

A note about process

In May 2010, a series of ‘micro performances’ spread over three weeks were presented in outdoor sites, on either side of the buffer zone, and in the buffer zone itself - at dawn, midday and sunset. Tonight, the intention is to present artistic treatment of the documentation of those micro-performances, as well as artistic treatment of other research for the project in the form of an inter-arts performance/installation.

Its shape is based on the idea of a triptych, this structure echoing Eurydice’s appearances in the play, and the three panels in the triptych correspond to the three sections of the piece. In the first panel we see Eurydice outside the palace where she hears news of the death of her son, and in that public place she responds in silence. In the second panel we see what might be hidden behind her silence in a contemporary context. Finally, in the third panel her dead body is publicly revealed and she is again silent, this time in death.

The content has been inspired by fragments of text from Sophocles’ Antigone which you will see written in three languages: Greek, Turkish and English. In the second panel other fragments from the play will be spoken in English as part of an internal monologue, and embodied in a series of actions by the dancer/choreographer Arianna Economou. These fragments from Sophocles are preceded with audio recording made in the buffer zone - where visual documentation is not permitted - and followed by phrases from Sevgul Uludags’ book Oysters with the Missing Pearls, which tells stories of missing persons and memories from the past of Cyprus.

Processes for creating this event are a continuation of inter-arts methods that the core group of artists has been evolving since first starting working together in 2003. The performance is a development out of The Silence of Eurydice pilot project, and aims to explore ways in which creative artists can contribute to a growth in understanding between peoples of different faiths and cultures.

Post-performance discussion

The inter-arts performance will last about 40 minutes. After it has finished there will be a discussion in the space. We very much hope, you will stay and also consent to give us some of your responses to the event through email as we are hoping to follow up this project with a series of further explorations based on other fragments from the text of Antigone. Thank you.

Participant artists:
Arianna Economou, Echo-Arts Director
Dorinda Hulton
Video artist/documenter:
Peter Hulton
Ilker Kaptanoglu
Eser Kececi
Virtual artist:
Horst Weierstall, The Art Space
Other artists involved:
Chrisanthy Christoforou (video artist)
Aggela Chimona (video artist)
Photo courtesy of Peter Hulton – Video artist/documenter