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Niches was a project, that dealed with places and spaces and their energy, tension and atmosphere, led by Hein Haun in 1995. The workshop took place in Chorotheatro Arianna Economou in Kaimakli and in the old part of Nicosia.

At first the group of about 14 teachers and artists got into a sensibilisation to-wards the perception of spaces around, then got into dialog with specific topoi and finally put a sign into the space as an intentionally created intervention.

With this experienced background every one of the group was looking for an own niche near (?), which "spoke" to him or her, which awoke the persons' interest, each in a very individual way. This "looking for" was kept in an attitude of open minds, not selecting and identifying, but more like Picasso's "not searching - but finding". The idea was, that in those found niches the very specific melange of energy and atmosphere bears beings that are connected with the niche, feel home there and having lived there forever. The manifestations of this imagina-tive work were small, big, ludicrous, strange, funny, fancy… buildings covering the player's whole body or accenting parts of the body in an unusual, newly in-vented way. It were masks in an extended interpretation - artistically shaped, the masks became sculptures in movement. The "beings in the niche" got alive one day in the morning and they were present the whole day around (?). Acci-dentally passing pedestrians were the audience. There was no introduction to that accidental audience, so they had their own associations and interpretations of the going-on each. For the actors this long day of being present had very much to deal with time as a basic category of lifelines and transitoriness.