Experimental Theatre Festival - Cairo, Egypt 2001

Month of Dace - Open Theatre Athens, 1998


The performance "Walking the line" is an attempt to look at a moment in a Cypriot woman's life. It is a time when she is experiencing the many lines and borderlines closing in on her tightly.

The Green Line remains visible and it is felt throughout all her experiences.

In the process towards liberation and understanding, the performance takes on the form of a journey. It brings to mind "Io in the presence of Prometheus" bitten by the gadfly. She is seen treading along her wound restlessly, in pain and agony, desperate for a way out.




dance performance: Arianna Economou Theatredance
choreography - concept - text - research: Arianna Economou
direction advisor: Kyriacos Efthymiou
lighting: George Koukoumas
costume design styling: Anita Michaelidis
stage design: Horst Weierstall
production: ECHO ARTS 


Click here to watch the performance video