Part of Trails of Memories  (Terpsichore project)


Crevices of the mind: Time Lost and Time Found

Twofold sets of performances/rituals in dialogue with the archival space of Trails of Memories.

Arianna Economou, as the product of that brief cultural energy (1920 – 1960) both from her mother’s and father’s side, in this research project is re-interpreting and re-stating the central features of that cultural phenomena through her solo dance “Time Lost – Time Found”. This solo is an attempt to touch upon the ‘past’ filters into the present culture of Pafos and its contribution to the island as a whole.

Trails of Memories: Crevices of the mind: Time Lost & Time Found consist of solo dances on the weaving and threading of fragmented stories. This research project delves into the archaeology of human emotions and the complex textures of memory. 

Pafos-Ktima is a town built on layered history, filled with legends and myths particularly involving Aphrodite and her son Eros. It brings the choreographer’s research into the realm of Orphism and cosmology. The city and its environs reflect a sense of love and life on the one hand, sleep and death on the other.

A series of stepping lines, curves, swirls and swishes breathes a journey through dance. Fragmentary narratives with references to sounds and music recreate intimate moments of everyday life. Archival photographs enable us to reconstruct a society where novel ideas and sensibilities are brought over by Smyrna refugees. 

Similarly, urban conventions are introduced from the Hellenised city of Alexandria, which had close links to Pafos. Furthermore, students ventured to Athens and Beirut for education, and further afield to Paris and London generated the shaping of an interesting society at the turn of the 20th century in the otherwise remote, western district of Cyprus.


Solo Performances_Trails of Memories_ Arianna Economou 2017 from Dance Gate Lefkosia on Vimeo.


Photos from solo performances Crevices of the mind: Time Lost and Time Found:

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