“Determined to fall
A weather-exposed skeleton
I cannot help the sore wind
Blowing through my heart“


Home as a Journey is a series of solo interactive performances taking places in different locations /venues, where Arianna Economou begins a process of referencing to her body of work as a solo performer/artist. In this process of mapping she is re-locating herself on her journey Home.


ECHO ARTS/Arianna Economou in the frame of the project HOME AS A JOURNEY funded by the programme CULTURE of the Cultural Services for 2018 announced a workshop on Contemplative Dance Practice workshop on the theme of Home, with guest collaborator Bernadette Divilly (Dance Artist and Movement Therapist from Ireland).

The workshop was suitable for dancers, artists and activists interested in mindful movement practices and exploring states of home and homing. 

This workshop introduced participants to Contemplative Dance Practices of Barbara Dilley ( 


Direction/Choreography/Performer: Arianna Economou
Dramaturge: Bernadette Divilly
Outside eye: Pantelis Georgiou
Video Artist: Giorgos Stylianou
Technician/Lighting: Nicolas Markitanis/ Samer Akkaoui
Assistant: Simona Petkevičiūtė


The first performance took place at Arianna's Economou own studio in Kaimakli where with dramaturgue Bernadette Divilly she began to look at the Language of Home for herself in her own work she was passed on by her teacher Mary O'Donnell the Language of the Axis and in Somatic Movement Training also with references to Barbara Dilley's work "Contemplative Dance Practices" that Bernadette Divilly is working with. The Journey Home at Kaimakli involved the deep desire for stillness and the being pulled that so often, has pulled the artist on a path for continuous search as to how to apply herself between inner and outer pulls for dance as an art form its application in the socio political context to give dance a place. 



In the second performance of this series taking place on site at the Dancehouse Lefkosia, the artist wants to tell a story that she has not yet put down, re-looking and relocating some of her past solo works such as Inner and Outer Landscapes / Haikus, and ON WEIGHT, a dance piece based on Jeannette's Winterson book "On Weight", directed by Dorinda Hulton with video for the performance by Peter Hulton, performed in 2007 at the then Experimental Theater Stage of THOC's, today's Dancehouse Lefkosia.
In this performance Arianna Economou has included Well-Wishers, Refia Ors, Antonia Lyra, Hayal Gezer and Andreia Soares, that sit with her on stage whilst the work was being performed.



Completing its first cycle "Home as a Journey " performances ended at Castelliotissa Hall on Friday 16th of November with a multi disciplinary performance & installation dedicated to the FEMININE. The last part at Castelliotissa of this journey referred mainly to performances such as WALKING THE LINE, ON WEIGHT, IN A DARK TIME, INNER & OUTER LANDSCAPES.




Videos of performances "Home as a Journey"




- Whenever I see a performance by Arianna Economou I get the impression that she is not strictly a movement artist, an installation artist, a modern mystic, a performance artist but rather a sui generis individual. Arianna’s work is based on documenting the human experience and the human condition on a very personal level, conversing with the poetic, the mystic, the obscure, the incomprehensible, defying specific artistic genres and artistic labels. It takes a certain amount of commitment and dedication to undertake such an idiosyncratic endeavour and Arianna has shown that she is more that willing to follow that route… - Maria Iole Karolidou


Μια μπρεχτική χαρτογράφηση. Μια σειρά από «εγκυμονούσες στιγμές» , όπου το παρελθόν και το μέλλον φωτίζονται με καινούργιο νόημα. Μια κατασκευαστική δομή της λεκτικής και σωματικής αφήγησης που αναστέλλει διαρκώς την ροή της .Μια συνεχόμενη διακοπή στην ροή χώρου και χρόνου, η οποία διακοπή, επισημαίνεται σαν ιδιαίτερο αυτοτελές και διακριτικό σημείο. Κάθε γεγονός μπορεί να σηματοδοτήσει μια διαφορετική πορεία τόσο σωματική όσο και πνευματική. Με την χρήση μιας τέτοιας αποστασιοποιητικής δράσης και φόρμας, επιτυγχάνεται η αναστολή της οποιασδήποτε πορείας ταύτισης του θεατή με τον performer αλλά και του performer με τον ρόλο του, έτσι ώστε να δημιουργείτε μια ακέραια εστίαση στα γεγονότα.
Μια πέτρα από τον ποταμό Πεδιαίο εξαπολύει ένα χείμαρρο στη σκηνή, που αφήνει στο πέρασμα του στοχασμούς και συλλογισμούς.
Τί υπάρχει μετά , τί έμεινε πίσω και κυρίως τί συνδέει το μετά με το πριν, ό,τι πρόκειται να συμβεί με ό,τι ήδη συνέβη. - 
Ειρήνη Ανδρονίκου